Kitezone Pranburi is now Kite Cable Thailand, we have recently moved to our brand new school, shop and Cable Park, wind or no wind you can still learn.

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Thailand's Newest Kitesurfing Spot... Pranburi Our Kitesurfing school at Pranburi is Thailand's Newest Kitesurfing Spot, with 7 months of solid wind and 5 months of possible Thermals this is surely Thailand’s windiest and most picturesque Kiteboarding beach in the Hua Hin area.

Kite Zone at the Beach House Pranburi has full accredited school facilities, Kite shop and storage areas with restaurant bar and resort accommodation on site.
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Over the years Hua Hin main beach has become a very popular kitesurfing spot, for this reason the beach has become crowded with students, riders and schools along the beach. If you want away from the hustle and bustle of Hua Hin city, crowded beaches and traffic then Pranburi is the perfect spot for you. Surrounded by picturesque mountains this little beach town (pak nam pran beach) is a private little paradise with many scenic attractions and 7km of unspoiled yellow sand beaches. You can ride here with no worries of tangling lines or crashing into people, it is our little piece of paradise. Check out our Daily Kiteboarding Blog for Pranburi

The kite beach has many sand bars for perfect shallow teaching areas, the wind is steady from November – May between 12 – 25 knots daily, June – Oct Pranburi still gets wind but not as consistent as the previous months, we can still teach kitesurfing lessons during this time.
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